Hierarchical system

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Hierarchical system

Post by Eläinrata on Sat Jan 10, 2015 6:45 am

This thread explains the ranking system of the role-play, who is in charge both IC and OOC.

Out of character

Seiya and Hisao are the founders of the Eläinrata RP and will therefore be in charge of both the forum and the client RP, writing up all the information and recruiting members. You can contact them here on the forum by PM, either or on the IMVU client under the same username.

In character

In character, there will be twelve Paladins, one Paladin per House. These people form the Council of Paladins, who make decisions for both the Order of Eläinrata and the political State of Eläinrata. They will also be in charge of training members of their own House, and can help initiating new members IC.

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