Legend and history

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Legend and history

Post by Eläinrata on Sun Jan 11, 2015 5:41 am

This thread is the legend and history of the Order of Eläinrata: what people tell as its history to their children as bedtime stories or to other people as tales from the old times, as well as how it actually came to be, what happened to it over the course of time, and so on.

  1. How the legend goes
  2. Actual history
  3. Current situation


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Post by Eläinrata on Tue Feb 03, 2015 4:47 am

How the legend goes

Once upon a time, long ago, the planet was divided into Twelve Kingdoms. Chaos ruled and wars between the Kingdoms wiped away many a village or city. The Kings disagreed with each other but on one thing: that they were the one destined for hegemony over the planet. They were obscure tides, but one much darker tide was dawning; a prophecy went in one of the Kingdoms, claiming that this reality was soon to end.

Tossed aside as lies at first, a dark shadow however soon engulfed the lands. Hundreds of Monsters had been released from the gates of the Underworld... lead by none other than the Four Fiends, Savis, Haamu, Toren and Nuyloc, who had broken out of the prison they had been put in by the Ancient Gods seventy thousand years ago. Each of the Four Fiends went in a wind direction to sow death and destruction, and reap souls from all living creatures.

However, from one small village, a hero stood up; his name was Tyre. While people were falling in despair, he was on a journey to gather eleven warriors, men and women, and they formed an army of twelve, one from each of the Twelve Kingdoms. Even when the planet had fallen under the malevolent power of the Four Fiends and their followers, the twelve warriors hid for no one to find them... but what were they doing?

They had been given a sign and were brought together in a cave, where they were told in a prophecy to smith twelve swords. Reluctant at first, they gave in to this request and as the swords were created, the Twelve Star Gods descended their stars upon the newly forged weapons, empowering them with a mystical and great force. However, this attracted the attention of Toren, and the Four Fiends had soon gone to arms.

The twelve heroic warriors were not prepared so quickly, but they had a powerful ally; their weapons were mighty and deflected all but the strongest attacks the Fiends could throw at them. It is said that people could hear the echoes of the clashing steel from afar, as well as the screams of pain if either of both sides suffered damage. It was a close fight, in which both parties were suffering heavy losses, until only one at each side remained.

The heroine Aithne slayed Nuyloc, the last of the Four Fiends, and they were sent back to where they belonged, far away in the Underworld. Exhausted as the last one standing, she fell into a deep sleep which would span several dawns and dusks until she had retrieved the power to open her eyes again. Around her, people from all Twelve Kingdoms had gathered, revering her and chanting, "Eläinrata! Eläinrata!"

She found what was left of the weapons: twelve rings with a divine shimmering, and one object... When she took it up, she knew what it was: this was the Eläinrata, the powerful instrument that had lead them to victory.


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Post by Eläinrata on Tue Feb 03, 2015 4:47 am

Actual history

Before the Four Fiends

In ancient times, Edia had no official leaders in a lot of places. The continent where the Order of Eläinrata is currently located, was scattered with tribes, clans, kingdoms and occasionally empires an.d dynasties, that would rise and fall every other century. There are not a lot of written sources left from before this time; a lot of epics and other chronicles appear during the Forging and Occult Eras, usually written from the standpoint of one of the kingdoms or dynasties.

One such chronicle, of a minor kingdom in the south called Hallanbor, contains a small chapter accounting of a priestess in a prestigious temple repeatedly getting in trance and telling the same prophecy. It is possible that this is the Four Fiends prophecy told in the Eläinrata legend. However, Hallanbor's Mayun Chronicle dates from two centuries before the Fiends' breakout, and the priestess is believed to have lived a century before that.

Historically, during the rule of the Mayun Dynasty in Hallanbor, the prophecy was paid attention to by only a couple of sects, half of which disappeared under the rule of the next dynasty. These sects really surfaced after the arrival of the Fiends, with their own theories on how to save the planet or that this was the end of all times.

There is also a lot of speculation amongst modern historians about the persona of the priestess. Her name is believed to be Seranoa, but it is possible that this was her name after joining the temple she served, since it was a custom to adopt a new name upon initiation. As for her sign, Scorpio is suggested as an option, but little is known about the date of her birth.

The Fiends Explained

Savis, Haamu, Toren and Nuyloc, otherwise known as the Four Fiends, are very powerful creatures from the Underworld. They are sometimes referred to as titans or demons.

There have been attempts at drawing a line between the Fiends and terran theories such as the Seven Deadly Sins, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse or the four emotions. Over the several appearances of the Four Fiends, scholars have indeed found unique traits to them:

  • Savis: inflicted suffering — murder, war, manslaughter
  • Haamu: lack of the necessary — famine, loneliness, suffocation
  • Toren: unwilling suffering — disease, pain, natural disasters
  • Nuyloc: natural cycle of life — death through aging, old age

Connecting them with above theories, it becomes the following:

  • Savis: emotion is Anger, horseman is War, sins are Wrath, Lust
  • Haamu: emotion is Happiness, horseman is Famine, sins are Greed, Gluttony
  • Toren: emotion is Fear, horseman is Conquest, sin is Envy
  • Nuyloc: emotion is Sadness, horseman is Death, sin is Sloth

The Fiends Appear

The Four Fiends likely existed from way before. There is a possibility that they also terrorized the planet before, but simply were not strong enough to conquer it in its entirety. Another option suggested is that they were strongly locked in the Underworld by civilizations that existed before the current world, and that their chains or prison only allowed them to resurface many millennia later when no records of them existed anymore.

The first indicators of the coming of the Fiends were several inexplicable death streaks: plagues, natural disasters, many more old, sick and newborn people die than before. Murders increased and a bigger kingdom started a war with an empire. During this time, Tyre was a priest of a minor religion who worshipped the gods in the stars. Their religious leader Lucter, believing this to be the work of an evil force, sent out several priests to spread the word that demonic creatures were behind this. Overall, the major established religions from back then were far more popular and the propheting priests were not much believed, often chased away by the locals.

Tyre, despite being only a minor supplicant even within his religion, managed to gather a small group of followers, but could not return back home; due to immobility, he could travel around only close to where he was originally stationed. Around this time, the Fiends had surfaced under the guise of regular living creatures to take in positions of political power and start a large scale war. Six years into the war however, Lucter was captured in one of the Fiends' empires, Levedia, because he preached that their emperor was evil. He was brought to the throne room in front of Savis for his fate to be decided, but instead he called upon divine power, summoning Savis' real nature. Called out, Savis went into rage and destroyed large parts of the palace before moving on to the rest of Levedia. The other Fiends followed in the course of the next year.

Gathering the Twelve Heroes

In the meantime, one of the members of Savis' court had managed to escape and fled across the border with her brother, then to start a search for any living priests under Lucter. Her name was Sylvia and she was a court lady, but travelled as a male to conceal her identity. Sylvia and her brother Denes also fought for a while as mercenaries before they were eventually picked up by Tyre's right hand Takeo.

A year or two after this, Lucter's brother Ramiel who lived in the north, arrived at Tyre's place with his adopted daughter Gunvor and his student Niall, who were both around the same age. Some accounts point out a resemblance between Gunvor and Lucter and the fact that she was the daughter of a female in Lucter's service, but no connection between this has been proven. Both Gunvor and Niall were trained by Ramiel, who was an army general in his kingdom Saurjar. With this small party, they also brought a house servant of Ramiel, known as Warin.

Because of the now aggressive stance of the Fiends after Savis had been discovered in Levedia, Ramiel suggested that Tyre's followers would also train in combat. He, his daughter Gunvor and student Niall, as well as Denes, would start training the others in combat. Takeo asked one of the local smiths, Ren, to forge swords for people who did not have their own weapons. Ren did with the help of his adoptive son Kagari.

Not long after, one of Tyre's more devoted religious followers, Eravindua, woke Tyre up during the night to let him know that during praying in a cave nearby, he had seen a vision in which the star gods told them to move out. The next morning, this was discussed with the entire group. With the exception of a small number, the majority of the group took Eravindua's side and they grouped themselves to move out. To Takeo's surprise, Ren also joined the party, leaving Kagari behind to lead the smithy.

In support of Eravindua's words, the moon was absent in the sky for several weeks in a row, with bright stars guiding the direction that he had been told about in his vision. However, on their way through a large forest, the party ran into a group of robbers who were in an overwhelming majority of roughly a hundred against thirty. The brother of the chief, Thorvilis, and his wife Aithne, were however captivated by Tyre's story and requested that the group would be set free, since they had not much of value on them.

The chief, Regtaran, decided to keep the group of travellers in captivity some longer while discussing his options. During the discussions of Regtaran, Gungsu and Myrthen of Tyre's group also made an offer to the chief: they could take the group to the Fiends and get great rewards in return. Regtaran however did not trust them and he decided to give in to his brother and to capture the traitors. Tyre's group were given their freedom and a small group of five former robbers, amongst whom Thorvilis, Aithne and Camryn, but half of their weapons and other belongings had been taken.

After their release, the moon was back and Tyre's group no longer knew where exactly to go, so they went eastwards, roughly to where the stars were last seen. They decided to build settlements after hitting the coast of the Sea of Vimo and spent the following year on building a settlement there. They used bows to hunt and as weapons now they were lacking in swords. Sometimes, refugees crossed their lands and brought news that the Fiends' borders were expanding more and more in their direction.

When winter was near, Gunvor found Ekua dehydrated on the shore and brought her in to be hospitalized. After Ekua was taken care of and had regained consciousness, she wanted to express her gratitude and went back to the beach with Tyre, Takeo and a couple of others. She called up a sea dragon, Bayreoshil, who she had been living with, and requested him to bring them a special kind of steel that could only be found in seas like the Sea of Vimo. After Bayreoshil had also confirmed that their intentions were good, he did what was asked of him and brought them the steel, with the message that he entrusted the faith of Edia to them.

Preparing for War

Below is a full list of the twelve heroes and their star signs:

  • Tyre: gathered the twelve together || Virgo
  • Sylvia: witnessed Savis' unmasking || Libra
  • Denes: Sylvia's brother || Sagittarius
  • Takeo: Tyre's right hand || Taurus
  • Gunvor: possibly Lucter's bastard daughter || Leo
  • Niall: Gunvor's friend, defeated Savis || Aquarius
  • Eravindua: connected with the star gods || Cancer
  • Camryn: strategist, designed armor || Gemini
  • Ren: swordsmith, made swords and armor || Scorpio
  • Ekua: defeated Toren || Pisces
  • Thorvilis: defeated Haamu || Capricorn
  • Aithne: defeated the last Fiend || Aries

The steel was enough to smithe exactly twelve swords and armors, which Ren did along with Camryn. After this was done, Tyre went to consult with Takeo about who would be fit to use these swords, since they were made from superior steel compared to the other weapons they had.

The Great Battle


The last of the Four Fiends, Nuyloc, was eventually slain by Aithne.

Foundation of the Order of Eläinrata


Diplomacy with Other Nations



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Post by Eläinrata on Tue Feb 03, 2015 5:13 am

Current situation

We are currently in present time, a modern planet on which many different species live. Technology is similar to earth. Different political situations exist: some countries still have kings, while others are republics, or other forms of democracy. Some places on the planet might not be as technologically advanced as our modern world, but the Order of Eläinrata is located in the modern world and will have everything to its disposal that the modern world provides.

The Order of Eläinrata has its own sovereign area and rules itself, its political leader being the council that comprises of the twelve leaders of the Houses. Members aside from these twelve often carry dual citizenship from their own country and the Order of Eläinrata. ID cards issued by the order, upon crossing the border, are always checked with the database for security reasons to see if they are not fake IDs.


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Re: Legend and history

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