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Post by Eläinrata on Sat Jan 24, 2015 1:54 pm

This thread has other forums or sites that are affiliated to this one, with a description of what these sites are, who you can contact about them an so on. They will be listed in the order of affiliation.


Lusio Partis

Lusio Partis is currently inactive for role-play itself, but has threads about various kinds of RP, species, and so on. It also allows a database of threads about people's custom races, locations and powers, which they can write and manage by themselves. It also has a Chatango chat people can hang out on.

Becoming affiliated

In order to become affiliated, check out the following requirements:

  1. Topic of the website must be related
  2. Several people must be involved in it
  3. Must link back in equal fashion

These are however not a guarantee: you will still have to contact Eläinrata and get approval before your forum or website will be an official affiliate.

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