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Character creation

Post by Eläinrata on Thu Jan 08, 2015 11:20 pm

These are some guidelines you should take into account when making a role-playing character. Please read this thread before making your character. If you have questions still, you can ask Seiya, Hisao or any of the other regular members.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to be my real life zodiac sign? Why?
Yes, we'd like you to role-play as your real life zodiac sign. This is not because we're involving RL into RP, but rather because we want some authenticity in the zodiacs of our participants. Additionally, it will also make sure that people are not randomly choosing zodiac signs they just find cooler, zodiac signs that are easier to become the leader of, and so on.

To what extent do I base my character on the zodiac sign?
You can find the personalities of all zodiac signs in this thread and base your character's personality on that, but you don't necessarily have to stick to it 100%. Your character also does not need to be an "incarnation" of the zodiac sign itself, does not need to have every single trait of the character's zodiac, or does not have to look like the zodiac sign.

By all means, however, you may take over some of the personality traits, as well as add subtle (or less subtle) references in your character biography to link your character's past with the zodiac sign. A Pisces might've had their own gold fish, a Sagittarius might've practiced archery, and so on. One thing that you do have to do, however, is giving your character a birthday in the range of the zodiac sign.

What species can my character be?
Being a member of the Order of Eläinrata is not a species in itself; there is no "zodiacal being" but rather a zodiac power will be activated in your character. This means that they will still need their own species, which can basically be anything: human, elf, vampire, etc. However, beware of what abilities you give your character and don't make them overpowered (see below).

Skills and abilities

There is a limitation on how much skills and abilities you can give your character. Whereas you can make your character any established species (human, elf, vampire, etc.) we do not allow for just any skill or power you can possibly give your character. Our general rule is basically: keep your character into the "Moderate Powers" package.

Also, there are three additional guidelines or advices we encourage you to follow to make a balanced (not overpowered) character:

  • If you make your RPC a regular (established) species:
    Limit your character's abilities to those natural to the species, no extra/acquired ones. Avoid more powerful fictional versions of an established species. Don't take any being that is directly "created by the gods" or similar.

  • If you make your RPC just a human:
    Give your character only one (or at the very most two) supernatural abilities to wield. That way, he/she can match up in power to characters from other species without going too crazy.

  • If you make your RPC a hybrid of multiple (established) species:
    Hybrids are to be avoided, but if you do make one, please do not go crazy. Do not combine species that are not compatible, and make sure to tell which species are present in your character and how that came to be.

On a final note, the end decision of whether or not a character is overpowered to join the role-play, will still lie with the OOC organizors of the RP (Seiya and Hisao), to keep the RP balanced for everyone.

Character sheets

Your character sheet can be posted in the House of your zodiac sign, in its character sheets subforum. It does not have to be approved by an administrator in order for you to be able to start role-playing, however you are advised to have one before you start role-playing.

Click one of the links below to go to the character sheet forum:

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