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IMVU - Eläinrata 2015/02/06-07

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RP characters involved:

  • Alvar Thomsen (by Hisao)
  • Vasi (by Diversity)
  • Veraz (by Skelasoldier)
  • Vallerie Caelius (by Seiya)
  • Dawn Hayes (by MoranaOniThanatos)
  • Sara "Gadget" Talik (by InfinityImplosion)
  • William Hastings (by Ioden)

Minor characters and NPCs:

  • Jamal (by Diversity)
  • Manta (Order of Eläinrata NPC)
  • Dan (Order of Eläinrata NPC)
  • Specialist Burnz (by MoranaOniThanatos)
  • Captain Yuucine (by MoranaOniThanatos)
  • Gizmo (by InfinityImplosion)
  • Ales (Order of Eläinrata NPC)
  • Cyryl (Order of Eläinrata NPC)
  • Shanyun (Order of Eläinrata NPC)

[time: 5 years before start of RP] Alvar Thomsen had finished saying goodbye to everyone and was on his way out of the Order of Eläinrata's headquarters. He was standing in the small hallway the separated the training room and the rest of the headquarters' interiors with the outside terrain, letting the logistics workers through as they were bringing food to the members of the Order. It was 6 o'clock in the evening already, but it was late spring, so it was not yet dark outside. Alvar looked shortly through the window outside, while wondering whether or not to spend some more hours training. The weather was good enough; the sky was painted with the occasional white fluffy cloud, but mostly shades of bright blue, with the evening colors poking up in the furthest color already. "Oh, hey there," he greeted Manta, one of his occasional training partners, as she closed the logistics ranks, carrying a hand cannon under her arm. When she greeted him back with a short "yo," he continued to ask, "Do you carry that around all the time?" She shook her head while she looked over her shoulder. "Not really," she answered while she followed the logistics team into the training room. "Enjoy your evening." Alvar wished her the same back and walked out of the headquarters.

The training room was all but empty as the sounds of sparring echoed through the room. On the sidelines, watching the match between these two individuals, was a dark figure. The figure could easily be identified as Veraz, his heavy black overcoat covered his entire body. His face was covered with a traditional Plague Doctor’s mask, protective head garb, and a brimmed hat. The terrifying figure looked more like some sort of demon raven looming over prey, but that was not the case. Veraz leaned on his wooden cane, his leather clad hands gripping the ornate, golden, skull handle as he watched the match unfold. Those who knew Veraz would know that he often frequented these sparring arenas, but rarely as a combatant. Veraz was an apothecary, a man of medicine and science. He acted as the unofficial ring-side physician of these matches, using his various supplies to tend to the minor cuts and scratches of anyone who needed it. Upon seeing Thomsen, he would wave silently with his free hand in greeting.

While many were saying goodbye to Alvar, Vasi was missing the party per se trying to tend to the young Jamal. The four year old boy was sitting between her too-long legs as she dragged a pick through his small but accumulating fro. "OOOOWWWW-OWOWOWOW!" He whined, swinging small punches against the musculature of the 6'2 cocoa femme holding him hostage. "Shut up boy, hair like a tumbleweed." She snorted in a broken version of the common tongue. Her few scarce years with the Order had begun to brush her up on something other than the snappy and strange tribal tongue she naturally spoke between territories from her homeland, and only in the past few months had a four year old started teaching Vasi the alphabet. "You're so mean, y'know that?" He tugged his head forward and she held the pick firm in his hair, making his eyelids and forehead draw back as he struggled. She twisted the pick once more and finally shoved it down into his afro and let him go, sending him flopping onto the floor. "Thank you! Jeez!" He scrambled to his feet and looked at her with dark eyes, pointing a finger melodramatically. "You're going to miss saying goodbye to Alvy." Jamal quipped. Vasi stood, towering over him with too much ease as she rubbed a gloved hand over her shaved head. Her eyes like tourmaline and raw topaz stones studied him as she patted him across the back easily. "Then go, we say bye." She took a step forward and he was left in the dust, walked over like nothing greater than a garden gnome. The little boy scrambled around her feet and began into the hall, running with loud and messy footfalls. "Alvy!" He called out, but he was moments too late. Even Vasi wasn't too happy that she was late on the draw, but she wasn't good about goodbyes. She didn't believe in them- the only goodbye to her was the farewell of death. The woman turned her eyes then to the training area and twisted her fingers around the back of Jamal's collar, pulling him to his feet like a kitten. "You get hit if you stand by combat." She commented and pulled him back by her calf muscle, sending a glance now towards Veraz. She gave him a gentle nod, and a rather affable smile despite how intimidating he may've been to others. When her head turned now, she pondered something aloud to Jamal, unsure if Veraz was in earshot or not. "Who here is good teacher?" She asked the boy, patting his fro as he pondered over both her question and Alvar's leaving.

Sprawled about the cold steel table was a monkey who had a few tranquilizer needles still scattered about it’s rather frail frame. Patches of hair was missing and it’s eyes yellow which was a sign of liver failure. Foam slowly came out of it’s mouth as the soft thudding of boots entered the room. A rather short statured person wearing biohazard clothing leaned in to examine a the beast and sighed in disgust. “Log 394. Patient 003 seemed to have died from the drug...possibly from an overdose. It showed the same signs of paranoia and lack of appetite as Patients 001 and 004.” The woman spoke into her headgear as she circled slowly about the table and pushed a button on the edge. A thick glass barrier started to rise up from the ground as the vents in the room started to hiss out a gas that seemed to disinfect the room. Once the glass barrier hit the ceiling, the monkey’s arm started to twitch. “Again...reanimation.” She said as a bright light beamed down from the machine above the monkey obliterating the creature. Hearing the low buzz emitting from behind the barrier, the woman walked out not seeing the rest as she sulked. Going out of the room, she had entered a chamber to power wash her and then let her exit out of her biohazard clothing only to reveal her military uniform. Her grey-blue hair was pulled back into a braided bun which was quickly covered by her cap as she walked out into the hallway. “Captain Hayes!” A young man saluted to her. She blinked and nodded, “What is it?” Since she didn’t give the order to go at ease, the soldier spoke while in salute. “I, Specialist Burnz and General Yuucine shall escort you to the Order now. As required from General Yuucine to have you there for general information.” She knew it was for to just look good on behalf of her country. “Lead the way.” She said dryly. “Yes ma’am!” Specialist Burnz clicked his heels together before turning and walking ahead. She followed him to a black car which she had entered in the back. Scooting in, she was greeted by a rather friendly face. “Ah, Captain Hayes.” She blushed and frowned as she fidgeted with the seat belt. Specialist Burnz entered the driver’s side and started up the car. “ is rare to see you, so I am surprised that we got to catch you in time before you tried another test subject.” Captain Yuucine said and looked out of the window. “Well, what do you expect? Anyway…” Their conversation would trail on about this visit to the Order and what the government wants as well as general small talk. It took them three hours to get to the main gate which they parked and was greeted by someone in another car which she reluctantly entered with a sulk.

Snap. The sound of a book shutting echoed in her quiet room from the corner she rested in. Long legs tucked under her body with a small, thin, throw-over blanket across her lap and wrapped around her torso. The fire was burning in the furnace but she felt at ease today and merely wanted to sit in her room with a cold drink and a rather interesting book to read. However, as she lowered the book from her face and snapping it shut, sounds met her ears, disturbing her quiet world she had been in for almost two hours. Reaching up her right hand, she brushed her slender fingers through a mass of deep teal hair which started first as plum at the roots, and then faded into the deep teal everyone saw. However, at the ends of her hair, the teal faded back into it's plum colour that began at the roots. She ruffled the thick mass and brushed her fingertips over the scaled horns that protruded from her skull. They curved nicely at the side of her head, and though the texture was smooth minus the scaled and pointed edges, they always felt nice to touch. Least to her, anyway. Following the curve with her pointing finger, a smile crept along her pale lips as her nail lightly scraped along one of the sharp black tips, then to the smooth white underside. More voices. Her pearly eyes traveled to the door where several figures of people passed by but never bothered to look in. With a roll of her shoulders, she dropped the book on the table beside her and peeled off the blanket to uncurl her legs. Swinging them onto the floor, she slowly stood; arching her back in a stretch that earned several rather loud cracks from her spine and shoulder blades. Everyone was active. Surely there was a reason. Training perhaps. Downing what was left in the forgotten glass of tea, she slipped on her brown boots and headed for the door while straightening her black shirt. “Hey, you just missed Alvar, Vall,” came a voice from her right. She turned her head to meet the voice. It was Dan. She used to spar often with him. “Really? Shame...” she muttered. Ah, she missed saying farewell. “Yeah, also, food is being served. You should eat,” he continued. “Or else you'll be too weak to beat me in a spar.” “HA! You dream too much,” she laughed, stepping on the escalator, and while she was slowly disappearing from sight, she glanced over her shoulder and saw Dan roll his eyes. “Tomorrow at two o' clock,” he called down before disappearing from view. “I'll beat your ass again,” she grinned with a shrug, her voice much too low for Dan to even hear her.

Having joined the order a few years ago, Sara Talik, otherwise known as Gadget, had found herself a regular among this place. While she wasn't exactly one who took to rules all that well, she'd missed the BoH and this place seemed like a fine replacement. In fact it was slightly better given that they allowed her more destructive nature to flourish. Sure, they got upset as anyone else did when she blow up one of their offices during a training match, but rather then threaten to throw her out they simply informed her to be more careful with a stern look. Well, perhaps at first they got really upset about it, yelling at her and telling her that she would get everyone around her hurt if she continued to act the way she did, but after a while they sort of got used to it. Besides, Sara never seriously hurt anyone with her destructive nature, even if there were a few really close calls. So perhaps it was more they've just come to accepted her destructive nature as an every day part of life, and something to be glad to have on their side rather than against it. Today however was a very relaxing one as Sara hadn't been scheduled for any matches at the current moment, and she was more or less left to her own devices. Normally that was a pretty dangerous thing to do, given that she often built works of technology that were generally leaning towards destructive purposes....but some times she built things that woud help protect the HQ. What she had currently worked on was a little of both in fact, as what appeared to be a rocket launcher with legs walked beside her into the training room. Dressed in a little dress with purple ribbons and bows coalasced throughout the black fabric stood Gadget at the entrance to the training room, with the very large machine looming behind her. The woman herself stood only at about five feet total, with the large rocket launcher with legs was a six feet tall. Along with the large machine behind her there was also another machine, this one more humanoid in appearance as it looked like the classic robot one might be more accustomed to. This little guy was called Gizmo, and he was essentially Gadget's weapon as he was capable of turning himself into ballistic gauntlets that attached to her arms. As the woman entered her crystalline hues turned to take stock of who was actually inside, giving a light smile and wave to Manta before pointing up to her giant rocket launcher with legs. "You like? I made it for the HQ! I felt like they were lacking in explosive things." Manta blinked for a moment staring at the large rocket launcher with slightly widened eyes. If she didn't know any better she'd have assumed Gadget was overcompensating for something. Giving a slight smile to the more energetic girl she merely nodded. "Yeah...just know, be careful." Manta stated giving a slight chuckle which caused Gadget to roll her eyes and pout slightly with her hands on her hips. "Oh come on, it's not like I've hurt anyone. Besides, where's the fun in being careful?" She asked of the other woman who simply gave a slight shrug. "Just repeating what the Captain's will say." She stated before going back to watching the others. Gadget merely hmphed, before ordering the giant rocket launcher with legs to go over to a corner while she went to sit on the seat next to Manta, having Gizmo hop onto her lap while she stroked his metal head.

Ales passed one portion of dinner to Cyryl before climbing up on the back of the spectator benches again. The two Gemini teens, both nearly seventeen and having trained together for two years in the special program for underaged trainees, were making it their hobby to make naughty comments against boredom while they were on duty guarding. They did this about just everyone in the room, including the leader of their own House, who they believed to be fear inducing. "Look at those Pisces with their big weaponry," Cyryl nodded his head towards the other side of the training room, at the couches. Ales chuckled. "Bitches /love/ cannons," he said. "They're clearly trying to make up for something," Cyryl assumed before turning his head to the escalator. "Ew, Aries coming down," he said, folding his legs up with him so he was sitting in a crouched position. Ales made a not too meaningful sound while he stuffed the food in his mouth that he had just unpacked, glancing at Veraz, who both of them believed to be out of hearing range.
The guards of the outer wall of the Order had opened the gate and allowed the outsiders to come in, where two SUV's, a black one and a green one, were parked, ready to escort General Yuucine and Captain Hayes to the headquarters. The driver of the black one politely held the door open for both the general and Captain Hayes, who seemed to be of a different class than the passengers of the green SUV: the two men who were getting a drive in the green car standing slightly away from them, were clearly still in training, boasting to each other about their newly acquired fighting techniques, which'd probably sound silly and unprofessional to the two military officers. It even sounded silly to their driver, a female with elven ears and long blonde hair in a ponytail, who, after she had told them to stop hanging around the SUV and get in, made a soundless sigh and rolled her eyes before getting in herself. The entire situation of the Order of Eläinrata probably came off as rather strange to Captain Hayes, seeing as none of them wore a military uniform, apart from the vest that could just as well serve solely for protection. Even if she wasn't paying attention, she would probably have noticed that even though one of the guards from the outer wall had been wearing jeans and boots, the other one had just been wearing black pants and khaki sneakers. Not the usual organization, I guess? After the driver of the black SUV got in the car at the driver's seat, he introduced himself, "I'm Shanyun, of the House of Virgo. Our drive to the headquarters will take roughly ten minutes. He then pressed something next to his ear from which a wire was hanging down, mentioning, "Shanyun here. We're ready to go, please allow us passage through the Aries Rook. He would then start the car to drive them to the inner wall firstly, followed by the green SUV. Their drive took them to a large building that looked like some sort of medieval castle, which however had a path to descend below it, into a parking space below the building, which they passed through to the other side of the inner wall, leading them over a nearly four-mile-long straight path until they arrived at the headquarters.

William Hastings sat within the confines of the Taurus rooke, one in which he had led for as long as anyone could currently remember. With one leg balanced atop the other he reclined upon the plush lounge chair which bore his modest frame, a thick book held aloft in his left hand and his right hand resting idly upon the arm of the chair, behind which a gentleman's cane was proped, the head adorned with a black raven sculpture with rubies set within its eye sockets. He was a middle-aged man who preffered to surround himself with things which brought him comfort and solitude for the most part. There would be times where we would watch the trainess, but for the most part he enjoyed a good book or puzzle than to be one among the crowd. For such a casual apptitude the man still wore clean crisp attire and a fashion that had died out long ago, his hair likewise kept long but neat and parted to the right. A new wave of recruits had been coming in for the past week, which made the place seem noisier and more active. This in turn made him more reclusive as meeting new people wasn't on his top list of things to do, even though by right he should be one of the first to welcome them, being an authority and all. For now though he would let them mingle and learn the folly of their errors on their own time, while his mind continued to wrestle with the troubling thoughts that had been hounding him lately.

“Alright, alright” Veraz called out with his typical French accent to the two members sparring, they had been going at it for a while now, and it was obvious by their sweat-stained clothes that their limits were going to be reached soon. “Shake hands, clean yourselves up, and go eat before someone claims your food”, Veraz didn’t sound aged, he sounded like a man in his late twenties. Veraz glanced around the room, taking into account the people coming in and out of the busy headquarters, just a normal day at Eläinrata. Veraz didn’t find himself to be too hungry, and even if he was the hassle of having to take off his mask, and protective head-garb made the thought unappealing. He began to head towards the entrance of the headquarters, his thick, wooden cane clicking upon the floor as he walked. It didn’t appear that this cane was meant to be used as a walking stick, it was slightly shorter than your average cane. Once outside, Veraz took a glance up at the clear blue skies before looking out at the miles of flat land that stretched out in front of him. He would stay outside for only a short moment before turning right back around and entering the building again, this time walking past the training room and into the main hall.

Dawn paused as she stepped out of the car along with her General Yuucine. He looked at her and smiled showing a bit of his fangs as his feline ears twitched on either side of his hat. “Now remember, I am here to just meet up with one of the leaders here. You can make yourself useful by being a good.” He would walk around the car to pat Dawn on the back. “Specialist Burnz, stay here and wait until we come back.” He said loud enough as he went over to the SUV. Flabbergasted, Dawn slowly followed and looked up at the massive walls that cradled the gate like so. “Of course, Sir!” She said momentarily. “Also, try to not blow anything up…’by accident’.” He said before they got into earshot of the people at the SUVs. “Pleasure to meet you, Shanyun. I am Captain Hayes.” She said as politely as she could and noted that it was peculiar that no one wore uniforms and that her and the General stood out like a sore thumb. Shifting herself in the SUV, her face still stone and showing no expression of curiosity or interest. Though in her mind, thoughts flew a million miles per second as to why now of all times is their government wanting to show interest with the Order. She took out a small notebook from her pocket and eased the pen that was within the coils of the metal binding out to write notes down. This would seem normal if she was visiting another military base, but as she could see thus far that this was no normal base, let alone the architect of this place seemed to be holding by it’s fringes as she noted the castle. Though she would see as they went further into the place as the buildings and surroundings changed. Shanyun was correct on the drive length which eased her bones as she got out with a stretch. “I shall see you shortly after this. Meet me back here in twenty.” General Yuucine said as he got out and headed over to walk over to a silhouette that seemed to be waving at him. He’d wave back with a light chuckle. “Seems like this isn’t his first time being here…” Dawn had mumbled and sighed looking about before she started to mozy on about the place. She dotted down notes as she did this and tried to not interfere with anyone’s business.


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